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Information About Article Marketing – An Overview Of A Process That Really Works!


Information about article marketing – If you’re looking for any kind of information about Article Marketing today, you’ve probably had no luck finding a process that really works.

Well, the information about article marketing that I’m going to give you in this article really does work. And I’ll spell it out for you, FR*EE!

Most information about article marketing consists of a plan that probably involves a variation of the process (information about article marketing ) that I use and recommend:

1) You find the niche market that you’re going to target.

2) You do keyword research to evaluate your market to make certain it’s viable and profitable.

3) You put together a basic website.

4) You start writing articles based around certain keyword phrases you’ve targeted in Step #2.

5) You add new pages to your website written around the different keyword phrase in Step #4.

6) You rewrite the article and then submit the new version of the article to a number of Article Directories where it will quickly draw Google’s attention because, for whatever reason, Google loves these particular 7 Article Directories (hence the name “Big 7”).


Quick Tip: Step #6 is essential to your plan of attack (the information about how to improve your article marketing). However, you’ll find it takes a lot of time & effort to submit your articles to the “Big 7”. That’s one reason I developed my software “Your Article Marketing Assistant”. It makes the tedious parts of the process as easy as possible. It turns a tedious (but necessary) process into a “Semi-Automatic” process that gives you the control that purely manual article submissions do along with some automated processes that make the process faster & easier! You’ll get the best of both worlds!


7) After creating a number of articles and submitting them to the “Big 7”, you then start submitting the website itself to a number of Website Directories that accept submissions.

Here’s the theory behind all of this information about article marketing in a nutshell.

You want your website to show up in the Natural Search Engines Ranking Pages (SERPs) of the Big Three Search Engines (Google, Yahoo! And MSN).

Gaining Incoming Links will make your website more & more visible in the Natural SERPs which is what we are after. Incoming Links are one way links that are on other websites that point towards your Home Page. Links that you trade with other websites are called “Reciprocal Links” and while they’re good, especially from other websites in your niche market, they’re not considered to be as good as pure Incoming (one way) Links.

Steps #4 & #5 combine to do a number of things. The “Big 7” that I suggest submitting your articles to are recognized very strongly and quickly by all three of the major Search Engines. One of the things accomplished by Steps #4 & #5 is to gain Incoming Links from very well respected sources.

The entire point of Step #7 is to begin getting a massive amount of Incoming Links pointing towards the Home Page of your website. The more links you can get, the better – hence use of the term “Massive”.


Quick Tip: You’ll find Step #7 to be labor-intensive and boring. That’s why I developed “Your Article Marketing Assistant” – to make the process faster & easier!

My software makes it quick & painless to submit your website to almost 500 Website Directories and it’s not done in a way to make it seem like an automated submission (most Website Directories frown on automatic submissions.) Our package is a “Semi-Automatic” method that combines the attention to detail that you get with purely manual submissions while automating the task a bit to make it much, much faster and easier.


Article Marketing (done properly the way I’ve suggested) is one of the most powerful SEO techniques in use today, the end of February 2007.

When coupled with Website Submission to the directories I suggest (the 2nd prong of this powerful 2-Pronged Attack Plan, you have one of the most powerful strategies for quickly and easily getting a website indexed in the Natural SERPs being employed today!

Finding an SEM Company


SEM Business Blueprint is a new product recently released by the gurus of internet marketing, Tim and Steve. Their new product elaborates the important and crucial issue of search engine marketing for businesses online. Search Engine Marketing is online advertising, web presence optimization and reputation management of a business in order to attract new prospects and increase profits. Therefore, whether you are small business needing local marketing or a large corporation with national goals your reputation is your business.

A key point to remember about the search engines is that a company’s “competition” is not necessarily its “sworn business rival” down the street or across town that draws from its customers. In terms of search engines, the “competition” is any website, link, document, advertisement, etc. that is ranked above the business’s website, or showing up within a page or two of the business’s search engine listing for a given keyword phrase. Running an ad campaign can require careful analytics to optimize the click-through, and this is easier done through an agent acting on your behalf, as managing an advertising campaign can distract you from looking after your own business.

You would think that the extra value added by SEM would make it much more expensive. But really, this is kind of a myth. Here’s the deal-with SEM, you’re already getting SEO, so that’s kind of like a built in cost. This leaves the added “expense” of the long-tail Pay-Per-Click component. It is very different from the typical internet marketing products. The product teaches ways to tap into a rewarding market of the traditional business world. The product is very useful for the seasoned marketers as well the newbie’s who want to discover ways to earn money by providing valuable marketing services to offline businesses. There is a huge demand for this service in today’s market as this is the main method that prospective buyers are using to find what they need, which is through searching on Search Engines.

By providing this service to businesses, you fulfill their needs of allowing their prospects to find their websites easily, and they are willing to pay high, recurring wages for this type of service. Money has been tight and finding the best marketing possibility was tedious, but I came upon this Turn-Key Opportunity of an SEM (Search Engine Marketing) Business that comes stuffed with everything someone needs to start their own SEM Business in their Community. You also receive the website template Steven uses for his business – as a bonus, along with spreadsheets and formulas for budgeting, and PowerPoint presentations used to gain new clients. SEO is the part of online marketing strategy and it revolves around on how search engine works and how people use them. SEO begins from coding of a site to its presentation. The content and structure is the most vital part of SEO. All efforts are aimed to develop sites that are search engine friendly and to get top ranks when searched.