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June 2020

How To Get Started On Your Sales Page Copy – Quickly And Easily!


A common problem that a lot of newbie and sometimes even experienced copywriter faced is that they get the dreaded writer’s block. They do not know how to get started and end up staring at a blank page for ages.

If that is happening to you, fret not. It is actually very easy to get started. Let me show you how.
Before we get cracking on the copy, we have to put in place the general structure of a sales copy.

A general sales copy structure will go something like this:

1. Headline

Write an eye-catching headline that incorporates a benefit. Bring in curiosity if possible too. Tahoma and red are the best suited font and color for headlines. Why? Because red color stops you in your tracks the same way a red traffic light stops vehicles.

2. Sub Headline

Come out with a following sentence that complements that main headline.

3. Introduction
Write a story and outline the problems your prospects are facing. We then have to aggravate the problems.

4. Product Introduction
Talk about your product and how it can solve their desperate problem

5. Benefits & Features of Products and How It Can Benefit Your Prospects

List down the benefits in bullet points. Elaborate on them and bring in the emotional factor such as the greed, fear and hope of your prospect to make the benefits more compelling.

Be careful not to over-hype your product as it might project your product as a ‘scam’. You certainly do not want your prospect to think that way as it will definitely hurt your sales.

6. Testimonials & Credentials

Your testimonial have to be believable. It will be good if you can add in the home page and photo of the persons who give their testimonial. This is to show the readers that these people are actually real people.

If you have the necessary credentials, flaunt it.

These adds respectability to the product and enhances the trust between you and the prospect.

7. Bonuses

Bonuses adds on greater value to the product package and make the prospect feel that he is getting an absolutely irresistible bargain.

8. Offer

This is where you strike in your price and try to close the deal.

9. Money Back Guarantee

This is important as it reverse the risk for the prospect. You want to make him feel that there is no risk on his part at all when he makes the purchase.

10. Call to Action

Project some scarcity in your product by incorporating some limitation quality such as a time sensitive bonuses or discount. This is to induce urgency and compel the prospect to buy – not later but NOW!

11. P.S and closing remarks

P.S and P.P.S are important for re-affirming the value of the product and offer as well as reiterating the risk free offer.

You are almost there…

With the structure of the copy on hand, you can then proceed to tackle the sales letter component by component.
When the sales letter is broken down into manageable blocks, it is far easier to get started on the sales copy.

Another useful way to get started fast is having a swipe file of proven and successful sales copy on stand by.
Study these tried and tested sales letter and model after them. Note that I say ‘model’, not ‘copy’. Apply the strategies, modify and fit the wordings appropriately into the context of the product.

With a ready swipe file, you can cut short your work time, and ensure that you don’t start from zero base. I can stress enough just how useful a pack of swipe files are.

One very neat tool I use for storing swipe files is ScribeJuice’s SwipeManager. It allows you to easily to tag parts of the swipe sales copy such as the headline, bonus and guarantee. In addition, I can also add my in own notes.

When I’m writing a particular component of a sales copy and need a good reference, I can quickly refer to my tagged swipe files. Nifty!

So There You Have It…

Two quick way to get started on your copy – putting in place a proper sales copy structure used in tandem with swipe files references.

Just write away. It will not be perfect at first attempt. You can always come back and tweak later. Practice makes perfect!