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January 2021

Internet Marketing And List Building ? It?s All About Getting Traffic


So, you?ve put together a great squeeze page. Your headline is a killer. Your bullet points are on it, and your opt-in box is all set up and ready to go. Your exited as now you have something to focus on, however, over the coming days and weeks you check you site stats and find that traffic is somewhat slow, if not non existent!

If this is true for you, then we need to discuss the ways to drive visitors to your squeeze page so that they have a chance to get onto your list. There are, of course, many ways to get traffic to your site and below are 5 methods that will not break the bank:-

1. Article writing/submission: This is a great method for generating traffic as it gives you a chance to show people you know what you are talking about and it is also a no cost option. When people read the information they’re looking for in one of your articles, they’re more likely to follow the links in them and come to your site. The more you write the more you start to establish yourself as an expert in you field. This makes people want to learn all they can from you.

2. Paid Ezine Ads: Ezine ads are like the small 3 ? 5 line ads you see in you local newspaper or in the back of magazines. The only difference being that they are circulated via online newsletters or mailing lists. They can be a great source of traffic as you can place your ads with newsletters that target your market of interest. They are also inexpensive with prices starting from $15 per ad. You can find Ezines by searching at Google for a keyword in your particular niche plus the word ?ezine?. When you find some, you want to target the ones that have the most subscribers for maximum exposure.

3. Viral Video: A short video about your marketing niche can be posted to the various video sharing sites, such as You-Tube. If your video gives some great information, and/or is funny and entertaining, you’ll see traffic coming to you site from this source. Also, others may put your video all over the web leading to a viral effect. Although most of the top video sharing sites do not allow you to link directly to your site, you can still get your URL placed visually in your video making it visible.

4. Pay-per-Click (PPC) Advertising: Google AdWords is the most well know and most responsive in the pay per click (PPC) world. Although this is a paid traffic generation method, you have total control over your spending. However, unless you know exactly what you are doing, this would not be my first recommendation to you for getting more traffic. PPC ads appear in search engine results pages on the right hand side (often referred to as sponsored links). You only pay for the ad if someone clicks on it and so can be very effective. However, as this type of advertising is used by many large corporations who have massive advertising budgets, it can be difficult to get the right balance between visitors and cost.

5. Blogging: Write a blog about what you know about your niche. Again, when you give great information, readers will be more likely to go to your squeeze page to learn more about you, and so opt-in to your list. You can also put an opt-in box directly on your blog, maybe on the sidebar, allowing people to join your list from there, too.

Using these 5 traffic generation methods will greatly increase the amount of traffic you get coming to your squeeze page. However, there are many other ways you can try, as well. The idea is that you have to do something. Traffic is the life blood of any online business. Without it you WILL fail.