Rewriting Articles Maintaining Originality


There are so many rewrites floating across the web these days that one would often wonder whether there is anything left that is original. However, when it comes to writing qualitative and attractive rewrites, it would be an altogether different proposition. To be attractive and qualitative, rewriting has to be like the original article writing which means whatever is rewritten should maintain its originality despite the rewrite. Tremendous Growth of Internet Over the Last Few Years One of the reasons for massive growth of original and rewritten articles is the tremendous growth of Internet over the past few years. Such growth of Internet has resulted in growth of websites and huge competition in the market for grabbing the attention of the viewers. In result there has been a consequential growth of many article writing services on the web.

Thousands of Pages Appearing Every Moment; Not All Are Original Some of the features of Internet are – Why and How Article Rewriting Became Popular on the Web But why was article rewriting introduced and how it became so popular on the web. Several reasons have contributed to this. Different Versions of Same Article for Different Purposes One can have different versions of the same article for different purposes. It includes submission of articles to directories or publishing them on high traffic websites. In fact; in such cases the rewriters serve the purpose of SEO article writing by helping out the search engine optimization process. Is the Practice of Rewriting Unethical? One question that is pertinent is whether the rewriting practice is unethical.

While they may not be equivalent to stealing some other’s articles, they are not really ethical in nature. Most important part of it is that it does not violated copyright and at the same time uses the creation of others for own benefits of the rewriter or his and her employer. Rewriting One’s Own Articles is Not Unethical However, there is a great difference if you are rewriting your own article. In such cases it is something you have created after research and analysis from the scratch and you have every right to rewrite it in any way you like without going for the new article writing. This again is neither legal nor ethical if you already transferred the article for price to someone else who now owns the copyright. It has to be also remembered that search engines prefer unique contents and will not like the copied contents in any way.

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