WordPress Vs Magento How Do I Choose

if you are looking on an E-Commerce websites for Developing a business. you need to need a selection of options for Developing your business. Here Most us experienced a confusion to Develop in WordPress or even in magento. Both Magento and WordPress are SEO Friendly

Let us discuss the Features of WordPress and magento


Magento is definitely an Open Source E-Commerce Site. More Than 2,00,000 E-commerce websites are Developed using Magento It includes Small business and Multi National Companies. Magento Offers a High Level of Customization as outlined by their needs Small business owners carries a Simple Design and multinational Company features a Rich Features for Need


WordPress is definitely an open Source Blogging and Content Management System
Function. More than 60 million websites are powered by WordPress. WordPress is User-Friendly possesses huge Plug-Ins and templates for Developing internet sites. we could Achieve a E-Commerce Function in WordPress websites through plug-ins

Choosing of WordPress or Magento will depends on

Size of your respective Shop

If your enterprise is Huge if you a thousands of Products and when your Websites experienced a huge Traffic then Choosing Magento provides improvement over WordPress because In WordPress desire a Plug-in for E-commerce site. If the Website had Huge Data then WordPress will Slowdown to load the Data and when you experienced a Small business if you are Selling a less product and also the website experienced a less Traffic then we could develop in WordPress

Skill from the Developers

Magento is complicated platform comparing to WordPress. WordPress is incredibly user Friendly and to work into it. but also in magento only Developers are can function. but Magento gives a many alternatives for Developers


When you are looking at templates in WordPress we could make our design in few clicks plus magento we need to done more programmatic for designing our templates For Instance we can’t made a brand new page or we simply cannot setup a whole new templates in Magento we Have to done a program playing with WordPress you can easily find the templates


Security is definitely an one from the major Problem everybody facing in E-commerce websites considering that the information protected in E-commerce internet sites WordPress loses completely when you are looking at security if we are installing a 3rd party plugins you can’t capable to secure our code from hackers in WordPress. but magento carries a many options to secure our code and data. you will discover huge number of extension in Magento.

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